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2000 Market Street,
Suite 720
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: (267) 322-7000
Fax: (267) 322-7001

Our investment team includes full time Investment Partners with private equity and operating experience based in Philadelphia and part-time Entrepreneur Partners who are located throughout the US.  The operating experience of our Investment Partners enables us to leverage better the time, experience and networks of our Entrepreneur Partners to improve our assessments and to be more effectively engaged during our ownership.


  Salem D. Shuchman - Managing Partner

Salem is a veteran private equity investor with a 20 year track record. Most recently, he was a Senior Partner at Apax Partners (1993-2005) running the leveraged transaction group and prior to that a Principal at Odyssey Partners (1985-1993).

  Bruce J. Newman - Partner

Bruce is an experienced operating professional. Most recently he was an Operating Partner with Graham Partners (2004-2005). Previously he was a senior officer in the Resnick family office where he was President of Franklin Mint Company (1998-2003) and Paramount Citrus (1995–1998).


Lori Lombardo - Director of Business Development

Lori joined Entrepreneur Partners in January 2012. Previously, she was Assistant Vice President in Lending Services and Operations at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, supervising the Latin America Documents and New Accounts team. In her role, she ensured proper documentation, compliance, and due diligence for securities-based loans, in addition to providing oversight for the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Letter of Credit team. Lori earned a BA from Bates College and an MS from the University of Pennsylvania.

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